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Privacystatement Collegium Musicum Eindhoven (CME)

Privacy-statement Collegium Musicum Eindhoven.pdf

Date: 25 May 2018

To comply with the new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), the following protocol describes the relationships with our donors and friends, interested parties, volunteers and with the musicians who perform / performed in our concert series.
The board of the Collegium Musicum Eindhoven Foundation is responsible for the privacy rights: right of inspection, correction and deletion, insofar as not limited by legal provisions.

Protocol General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1. Relations through the secretariat.

The secretariat of the CME foundation maintains relations with various groups.
a. Donors and Friends. These persons have registered as such in the past. The following data is stored:
Name, address, e-mail address insofar as specified by the donor/friend.
This data is stored on the secretary’s PC, which is protected by a password and a virus scanner, a backup is kept on an external hard disk in a place that is not accessible to third parties.
The data is used to send newsletters, at the choice of the donor/friend by post or by email. Furthermore, for sending the annual report, the request for payment of the pledged donation and all other letters that are important for the relationship with the donors/friends.
The data is shared with the treasurer, insofar as this is important for the financial administration of the donations. The treasurer obviously has access to the bank numbers of the donors/friends. The data is not shared with any authority.
As soon as the donor/friend terminates the donorship, his/her data will be removed from the current CME file. Old customer files CME are kept by the secretary for a maximum of 3 years.

b. Interested in our concert series. The secretary only has the e-mail addresses of these interested parties. These are usually supplied by the interested party himself via registration on the website CME and/or the website of the CVE. In the past, registration was also done by post or orally via a board member. In that case, the email address is included in the CME contact file.
Communication with interested parties takes place exclusively by e-mail, by means of newsletters. Interested parties have the option to unsubscribe at any time, directly with the secretary or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter. This deregistration is automatically processed by the dispatch website Laposta and, if necessary, manually removed by the secretary from the current contact file CME. The email addresses of interested parties are not shared with any body, apart from processing via Laposta.

c. Board Members and Volunteers. As a rule, these persons have the following information about each other: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. There is of course frequent contact with each other for the performance of the various tasks related to the Muziek in de Cathrien concert series. The list with the details of the board members and volunteers is shared with the administrator of the Stadskerk St. Cathrien for practical reasons.

2. Relations through the treasurer.

a. Legal information for payment of musicians
Before payment can be made, the treasurer must meet the requirements of the tax authorities and have the following personal information to be entered on a payment statement:
– Copy Passport
– Full name and address
– Citizen Service Number
– Date of birth
– Phone number
This data will not be kept longer than the legally required retention period (7 years in 2018).

b. Additional information musicians
The treasurer collects additional data from musicians that are necessary for communication and payment transactions, such as:
– Bank account number
– e-mail address
– Chamber of Commerce registration number (for self-employed persons)
This data is stored digitally by the treasurer as much as possible on a password-protected PC. This data is periodically backed up on an external hard drive that is kept in a place that is not accessible to third parties.
Gage statements and bills are also kept on paper in combination with bank statements from the foundation. These are kept by the treasurer.
The data becomes treated confidentially within the board and are not made available to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

c. Information to administration office
The CME outsources the monthly tax return to Administration and Advice Bureau Noord-Brabant BV (ANB). To this end it provides the under 2a. mentioned data. The ANB has an AVG protocol and the CME has an agreement with the ANB that guarantees the protection of personal data. When using another agency, a similar agreement will be requested.

3. Photos, film and sound recordings of musicians

The CME can take photos, film or sound recordings during and around concerts. Sound or film recordings are never made without prior permission, and never published without the prior permission of the musicians involved.

Photos taken of and around concerts can be published for publicity purposes, eg on Facebook or on the CME website, or made available to the media, eg to illustrate a concert announcement in a newspaper. If a musician explicitly objects to this in advance, publication will be waived.
In the event of an objection afterwards, images will be removed where possible, for example from Facebook/websites.